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April 2015

Please see the Club Information page for general information
regarding meetings, outings, and slideshows.

Club Meeting

When: April 14, 2015 @6:30pm
Topic: Printing and Color Management by Ken Eis
Where: Ridgeview Classical School, 1800 S. Lemay (near Stuart)

Club Outing

Cowboy Action Shooting event
When: Saturday 4/18 @8:30am (meet at the Harmony Transfer Station at 7:40am to carpool)
Where: Great Guns Sporting (shooting range) at 16126 CR96 in Nunn, CO
Directions: ~35 minutes travel time without traffic
North on I25 to Hwy14
East on Hwy14 to CR33 16.7mi
North on CR33 to US85
North on US85 to CR94
East on CR94 to CR33
North on CR33 to CR96 GGS will be on the right

A Cowboy Action Shoot is an outdoor, live fire shooting event where people dress in period garb (1880 – 1900) and compete in a timed shooting event against other shooters, both male, female and kids. Some get all dressed up and others push the limits of authenticity. Typical events will have 30 – 60 shooters. There will be 5 to 6 stages or scenarios at different sections of the shooting range. Each scenario will be slightly different in that the props will be unique, the shooting order will vary and the guns used may differ. Typically, each shooter will be required to use a pistol (typically a Cowboy 45 Long Colt “Colt 45”, “Peacemaker”, type of handgun), a lever action rifle and a shotgun. All guns need to be of the type used before 1900. There is a variance of the shoot that covers the 1900 – 1930 era call a “Wild Bunch” shoot, but these are not as common.

Safety is a prime concern, and each shooter will be watched as he/she loads their guns for each stage and each gun is checked after being shot to make sure that it is unloaded before the shooter leaves the live fire area. Each shooter in turn is given a command to start and must shoot the stage in the order directed. A scenario might consist of 10 shots with handguns (5 from each of two guns), 10 shots with the rifle and 2 to 6 shotgun shots. Shotguns are typically the only weapons that get reloaded during a stage. They are shooting at targets that will either “Ping”, get marked, or in some way react to the bullets/shotgun pellets. Often the shotguns must be used on “Clay Pigeons” that are thrown mechanically into the air, sometimes by hitting another target. Each shooter is watched and timed. A “miss” counts as 5 seconds against his/her time. The observers will signal the score keeper as to the number of misses and the timekeeper will announce the time. A “clean” stage (no misses) will be signaled with a closed fist by the observers. Low total time over all stages is the winner of the match within their “category”. There may be several “categories”. Traditional, Gun Fighter(two-handed shooting), Black Powder, Under 16, are a few of the Categories.

This is a live fire event with real guns, real bullets and often reactive targets. Competitors are not allowed to handle loaded weapons behind the shooting area and they are watched as each firearm is loaded and unloaded. Again, safety is a prime concern. Photographers will not be allowed at the firing line at any time when the shoot is going on, thus a telephoto lens is recommended. Photography of the participants not at the firing line should be allowed. Photographers should bring protective eyewear and hearing protection. The guns do go “BANG” and targets are often close, so there is a chance of lead particle ricochet. I recommend a filter to protect your lens, though it is doubtful that a stray particle will be felt.

Participants go by an “Alias” when shooting, so I’m not sure about Photo Releases. Make sure you get both real name and “Alias”. In my experience, most participants are amiable to having their pictures taken. This might be a good time to test your video capability ! I’m sure you will be allowed to take pictures of the “props” and stages before or after the match is complete. Each stage might have 10 shooters and take 15 – 20 minutes to complete, thus the entire match might be several hours. Bring snacks and water, as none will be available.

Coffee Meeting

When: Wednesday 4/29 @9am
Where: Dazbog on Cherry St.

SIG Meetings/Outings

Architecture SIG - TBD
Landscape SIG - TBD
Macro SIG - TBD
Photography 101 SIG - TBD
Portrait SIG - 4/12 1pm-5pm, recreate famous images
Sports & Events SIG - TBD
Video SIG - TBD
Wildlife SIG - TBD



Challenge topic

Max busses or Abstracts

Photographic events

4/3 - First Friday Gallery Walk in Old Town Fort Collins
4/11 - Cardboard Classic in Steamboat