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November 2015

Please see the Club Information page for general information
regarding meetings, outings, and slideshows.

Club Meeting

When: November 10, 2015 @6:30pm
Topics: Equipment and Posing by Monique Renee, Retouching by Mike Barry
Where: Ridgeview Classical School, 1800 S. Lemay (near Stuart)

Club Outing

HPI 2015 at Plymouth Congregational Church
11/14 @12pm-5pm - Shoot at the church (shoot from 1-4pm)
11/14 - 11/27 - Photographers process images and pick their best for each family
11/27 - Deliver CD/DVD of processed images to Mike Barry
11/28 @7pm-9pm - Judges choose best of the best images for each family
11/30 - Submit images to printer
12/9 @7pm-9pm - Assemble packages
12/12 @12pm-1:30pm - Distribute packages at the church
Where: Plymouth Congregational Church at 916 W. Prospect Road, Fort Collins, CO 80526
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Coffee Meeting

When: Wednesday 11/18 @9am
Where: Fort Collins Coffee House, 3761 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80525

SIG Meetings/Outings

Architecture SIG - TBD
Landscape SIG - TBD
Macro SIG - TBD
Photography 101 SIG - TBD
Portrait SIG - 12/6 1pm-5pm, Theme is Body Builders
Sports & Events SIG - TBD
Video SIG - TBD
Wildlife SIG - TBD


Little House on the Prairie by Cecil Hellyer
"Little House on the Prairie" by Cecil Hellyer

Challenge topic

"Big Hole on Campus"

Photographic events

11/1 - Denver Gorilla Run at Denver City Park
11/5 - First Friday Gallery Walk in Old Town Fort Collins