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November 2016

Please see the Club Information page for general information
regarding meetings, outings, and slideshows.

Club Meeting

When: November 8, 2016 @6:30pm
Topics: "There's an App for that..." by Rich Ernst, Rich will be demonstrating several useful photo utility applications.
Where: Coloradoan Newspaper Offices, Community Room 1300 Riverside Ave., Fort Collins

Club Outing

Sat 11/19 @6:30pm Roller Derby in Fort Collins at Qdoba Events Center (218 Smokey Street Fort Collins, CO 80525)
Jack Hicks got permission for the club members to be there shooting, but only in line with the RULES below. Club members that want to share their photos with the teams can forward them to the Public Affairs Officer, Unchained Malady "" they appreciate the shares. Don't send her 200-300 unedited images, just the really good edited jpgs. They have a match 11/19/16 at the Qdoba Events Center. The match starts at 7 pm and it runs 1.5 - 2 hours. Show up by 6:30 and watch both teams warm up, good photo op. This is the last last match of the year. This match is special ... some of the refs will be skating as players, and some of the players will be skating as refs. It's a lot of fun, but because of the different skill levels it is critical that photographers and audience members stay well back from the track, I'm talking 15-20 feet back, IT'S DANGEROUS out there. If you or your equipment gets damaged, you're on your own, if you hurt a skater through your own carelessness, you might be held liable. Admission is $15., veterans and seniors are $10. THE RULES: Stay off the playing area period, and away from the immediate adjacent floor space 15-20 feet ... it's dangerous. Do not go to the center area to take photos, only a few people, including the official photographer is allowed in there. Take your photos from your seat in the bleachers or from open areas of the floor well away from the playing area, the teams use that 15-20 to get to the penalty box. If you haven't been to a match before it's probably a good idea to watch for a few minutes to learn what's going on before you start to take photos. Do not interfere with the official photographer, he's busy. If you interfere with play, even a little, you will be told to leave. Be mindfull of other photographers, do not walk into their shots, most of the audience will have cameras of one sort or another. I've had really good success with my 5D, 70-200 2.8 lens and a good flash attached to my camera, usually turned all the way up, NO STUDIO LIGHTS ALLOWED. The players, coaches, staff and refs often wear some pretty exotic make-up/outfits so zoom in on those. -Jack

Coffee Meeting

Tue 11/22 @9am Fort Collins Coffee House, 3761 Mason St.

SIG Meetings/Outings

Portrait SIG - 11/6 1pm-5pm - "Costumes" - Mike Barry

Photoshop SIG - 11/15 @6:30pm - layers
Our next meeting will be Nov 15 at 6:30PM at Ken Eis’ house. Again we will be viewing a Ben Willmore Creative Live workshop on Photoshop Layers. The evening will cover: Layer creation, moving, drag and drop between PS and Bridge, clipping masks, scaling, effects, styles, and templates.

Landscape SIG - 11/19-20 - Helen Hunt Falls and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs
Plan on spending the night of the 19th in a Colorado Springs motel.
- Leave Loveland at 9AM. Group meets at Helen Hunt Falls west of Colorado Springs at 11:30AM (Free) West of Broadmoor on North Cheyenne Canyon Rd. Hike to falls. Group then goes to Seven Falls near Broadmoor. Falls costs $14 per head. The Falls is open until 8PM and is lighted after dark. (Sunset is 4:42PM) Dinner after that. Morning of 20 Nov meet at Garden of the Gods for sunrise (6:46AM). Probably want to meet at Siemese Twins Parking lot at 6AM. After shoot go home. Jackie and I will be staying at the Quality Inn on Garden of the Gods Rd the night of 19 Nov. Their address is 555 W. Garden of Gods Rd. 719 593-9119 They have 12 rooms available now.
If you have any questions please contact Ken Eis at
He will be unavailable next week….gone fish’n.

Wildlife SIG - Sun 11/20@6:15am - Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR
As somewhat of a make-up for the Waterton Canyon cancellation, lets try an outing to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR on Sunday Nov. 20. Earlier this year, RMA NWR opened an additional 8 miles of roadway through the refuge creating a 10 mile "wildlife loop" drive. I have been driven it a couple times over the past two weeks. There are some impressive vistas. There have also been lots of Mule Deer. Other wildlife along the new loop have included Hawks, Eagles and increased opportunities to see the Bison. The ponds are seeing increasing numbers of migrating waterfowl. Wildlife can be anywhere from the side of the road to quite a distance off. I do most of my shooting with a 100-400mm zoom. It is about an hour drive down to the Refuge. For carpooling, lets meet (weather permitting) at the northeast corner of the Harmony Rd. Transportation Center at 6:15 a.m. Sunday morning Nov. 20. As always, please let me know if you plan to attend so no one is left behind. - Guy Turenne

Experimental SIG - 11/21 @9am and 11/26 @1pm, smoke
All the info for the next Experimental SIG is on the FCDCC website Click on the red “Smoke patterns” link and you will get the usual of what to bring and resources if you want to learn how to do it before arriving. That said, it is really easy to take smoke pattern pictures. They can be beautiful just by themselves or you can composite, color, shape, … to be as creative and artistic as your abilities will take you. You can change the shape of the pattern by introducing a very slight wind. I swear the pattern changed even when my flash (studio flash on full power) fired. You can also move the incense, try different angles. Like any photo event “work the scene”. So pick a time and come on over. Monday November 21 at 9 am or Saturday November 26 at 1 pm Map and address is on the web page. If you are new and would like turn by turn directions, let me know. See you there! Bob Gobeille 970-214-6326


Canyon by Ken Eis
Canyon by Ken Eis

Challenge topic


Photographic events

Denver Gorilla Run at Denver City Park
First Friday Gallery Walk in Old Town Fort Collins

Scott Kelby "Shoot Like a Pro - Reloaded" Course
Scott Kelby is coming to Denver on Monday, November 14th. This is his "Shoot Like a Pro- Reloaded" course and is focused on portraits. I will be attending.. I have not purchased a ticket yet and there is a $10 discount if we buy 4 or more at one time... Let me know if you are interested in going and car pooling. Jim Piraino..