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June 2017

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Club Meeting

When: June 13, 2017 @6:30pm
Topic: They shoot horses, don't they? by Judy Myers
Meeting Notes
Where: Coloradoan Newspaper Offices, Community Room 1300 Riverside Ave., Fort Collins

Club Outing

Sat 6/2-6/4 - Shooting wild horses in NW Colorado, Overnight trip to Mabell, CO

To recap some of the prior information emailed out for the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse outing June 2-4. There is a campground in Maybell Park in the center of town. Some sites have electric hook-up. There bathrooms and hot showers in the building at the park. Otherwise, The Victory Hotel/B&B is across the street from the Park. Maybell is a small town and last time I was there a couple years back there was only one small combination gas station, post office, diner. The next closest accommodations are in Craig where there is a group of motels on the west side of town roughly 26 miles from Maybell. We will be driving up on Thursday and will likely be going to Dinosaur N M on Friday getting back to Maybell mid to late afternoon. After supper I may head over to Sand Wash for some evening shots. I am assuming most people going will be arriving in Maybell or Craig sometime Friday afternoon. Anyone who wants to join me for Friday evening is welcome (Try to call me at the campground and let me know). For Saturday morning everyone can meet at my RV in Maybell Park at 8:00 ( that would give people in Craig time for some breakfast before the 35/40 minute drive to Maybell). My RV is a Class A Motorhome, it is relatively small at only 26' but is easily recognizable by the mural painting on the back which has a Tiger. I also will have my burgundy colored Honda CRV. Sunday people will be on their own as I will likely be leaving early enough to get back in time to attend the opening reception for a photography show in which I have a photo, at the main Denver Public Library. The reception starts at 2:00. I don't know how well the cell phone reception may be, but my cell phone is 310-219-3045. I suspect cell reception is best (though spotty) along US 40 and in Maybell. It is probably non-existent in Sand Wash Basin. At the Maybell Park, there is an information kiosk at the entrance to the bathroom/shower facility. It has information on area activities including maps of Sand Wash Basin. I would encourage everyone to stop at the park and pick up the Sand Wash Info. If you are interested in going into Sand Wash Basin on your own or without stopping at Maybell Park for info (or if the info rack is out of the Sand Wash Brochures) Here is what I can roughly get from the maps I picked up on my last visit.. Approximately 1 mile west of Maybell on US 40 turn right on Rt 318. The main entrance to Sand Wash Basin is approximately 17 miles on 318. There is/was a sign at that point where you turn right on I believe it is county road 67. (There is another access to Sand Wash Basin along the east boundary roughly 2.5 miles before (east of ) the main entrance to Sand Wash Basin, as you cross the Little Snake River. County Road 75 is on the right but easily missed as it angles sharply back from the road. 75 travels along the eastern rim of the basin so one is looking down into Sand Wash Basin and occasionally there are horses in that general area; though you are pretty far from them The roads in Sand Wash Basin are packed gravel/dirt. Turning right (north) off of 318 at the main entrance onto CR67; one stays on that road to the first intersection which is in roughly 4 miles. (I think the roads in Sand Wash Basin are actually County Roads so the road numbers I give inside the basin should be Co. Rd. #s.) CR 48 is the start of the west loop. (The map I'm using at this point does have a rough scale so the distances are fairly close - at least in so far as I remember) The directions for this loop are counter clockwise. Turn left onto CR 48, one would stay on 48 for @8 miles to the intersection of CR46 turn right and go @1 miles to intersection with CR80, turn right on 80 and go @4 miles to intersection of CR52, turn right on 52 for @ 1.5 miles to intersection with CR126 and bear right. Stay on 126 for @ 4 miles to intersection with CR67 turn right (actually I think just go straight) onto 67 back to the entrance. This loop is actually longer than I remembered. It is also the one that has at least two dry washes that can prove to be problematic to lower clearance vehicles. The other slightly larger loop: Upon turning right off Rt 318 stay on CR 67 for @ 10 miles, to the intersection with CR 126 which intersects from the left. At this point one can go either left onto 126 or right and stay on 67 - both will roughly go north and meet again near the north basin boundary, in roughly 9 to 10 miles. There is a short spur off 126 on the east side of 126; 126E which goes roughly 2.5 miles and dead ends. The one potential difficult area on this loop is a relatively wide, dry wash on CR 67 approximately 1.5 miles east of the junction with CR 126 if one were to do this loop counter clockwise. - GuyCoffee Meeting

Wed 6/21 @9am - Dazbog on Cherry

SIG Meetings/Outings

Experimental SIG Meeting - TBD

Landscape SIG Outing - TBD

Photography 101 SIG Meeting - 6/17 @9am to 11am, Mount Dunraven conference room at the Loveland Public Library, 300 Adams Ave. in Loveland

Photoshop SIG Meeting - Sat 6/17 @9am at the Loveland Public Library

Portrait SIG Meeting - Sun 6/4 @1pm-5pm, models and cosplay in Old Town Fort Collins

Wildlife SIG Outing - 6/2-4 - Sand Wash Basin, WHMA - Wild Horses
The June outing is proposed to be a weekend outing to the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Management Area west of Maybell, CO. It is roughly a 5 hour drive to Maybell. Maybell is a very small town. There are a limited number of rooms available at two locations across the street from the Town Park. I will likely be staying in the campground at the Town Park. Don't know if the fees have changed, but the last time I stayed at the campground it was $5/night, $10/night with electric hook-up. The campground has a facility that includes hot showers.


Channel by Ken Reek
Channel by Ken Reek

Fix this picture and email it to Walt Lyons who will include it in the June meeting slideshow.

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Photographic events

First Friday Gallery Walk in Old Town Fort Collins
Never Summer Rodeo
Music in Old Town Square
Music in Oak Street Plaza
Music at CSU Lagoon
Historic waterworks tours in Fort Collins
Denver Comic Con
Poudre Riverfest
Estes Park Wool Market