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Create your own Macro Flash Bracket

I just picked up a few parts to make a macro flash bracket. What you need is a TTL flash and and off-shoe cable and this bracket should get you set for using your flash for macro photography. The total cost of the bracket was $61.13 excluding shipping. The parts were bought from RAM Mount: I ordered the following:

Two RAM-B-237, 1" ball with 1/4"x20 stud ($9.57 each)

Two RAM-B-201-A, double socket arms ($12.29 each)

One RAM-B-230, 1" double ball adapter ($17.41)

The studs fit tripod sockets which are on my camera, lens collar and off-camera flash shoe. It's pretty easy to adjust the flash in just about any orientation you need. Pics attached. I have the Canon off-shoe flash cord, but there are third-party options, too, such as those made by Pearstone.


Assembled Macro Flash Bracket on Camera

Assembled Macro Flash Bracket

Parts for Macro Flash Bracket