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How to use the PIWIGO photo gallery

Welcome to the FCDCC Photo gallery! While we are using the same gallery, the procedures have changed slightly to upload photos. It always troubled me that only administrators could add photos; this could lead to unintentional configuration changes to the gallery, or even malicious changes. The new procedures are being implemented to avoid any unintentional changes. All users have now been assigned 'User' status instead of 'Admin' status, so they will no longer see the Administration link in the side menu. If you have any problems let me know.

Anybody can access the gallery, but you must have a user account (available to members) to add photos to the gallery. If you have an account you can login as in the past; the difference you will see is that there will no longer be the 'Administration' link on the left, but there will be an 'Upload photos' link. If you do not have an account, members can send a request with your full real name and email address to ernst dot rich at gmail dot com. You will be notified when your account is created.

To open up the PIWIGO gallery:
Go to URL: web page and login to the PIWIGO gallery by typing 'Username' and 'Password' into the "Quick Connect" box at the bottom of the left sidebar. Click "Submit"

Now you can see all the Albums in the gallery listed in the left sidebar; you will also see a thumbnail of a photo in the album on the right. Note that some albums may only be visible individuals with specific permissions (for example the 'Kevin Cook' album).

To add photos to an album:
1. Prepare the photo for upload. Be sure to resize the image to a smaller size (for example 1024x768) if it will only be viewed on the web; maintain full resolution for images you are sharing for publication. Please, ALWAYS add your copyright and Author name as well as any other metadata like keywords to the image.
2. Select the 'Upload ' from the menu on the left side of the screen.
3. A form will be displayed on the right side of the browser window. First select the album that you want to put the picture in. Then hit the 'Browse' button to locate the picture on your computer. You can hit the 'set properties' link to add a title and description.
4. Then hit the 'Start Upload' button to add the picture.
5. You can add multiple pictures by hitting the 'Add Upload box' link and browsing to additional pictures.
6. You can edit the title and description or delete the image by clicking on any image to view it (or any time you are viewing the image) then selecting the 'Edit' or 'Delete' buttons in the menu bar at the top.