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Mobile Photography SIG

Join the Mobile Photography Special Interest Group if you want to explore taking pictures with smartphones and tablets. If you are interested, please send an email to Judy Cannon at with your contact information.

Leader: Judy Cannon (co leaders would be welcomed)
When: 4th Tuesdays, 6:30pm- 8pm beginning January 2018
Where: Judy's house at 8325 Turman Court, Ft. Collins
Who: Anyone interested, but may need to limit to 10 total participants because of space limitations.


1. Explore tips and techniques for taking photos with a mobile device. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone that takes great pictures. So I am most familiar with it. We can also explore iPhone. I have access to an iPhone 6S, but not as familiar with it, so may ask others in the group to share knowledge they may have. I also have an iPad and iPad Pro that can take photos. Video photography is also an option.

2. We can discuss accessories like tripod heads and lights made specifically for mobile photography.

3. Storage and transferring of photos can be explored. I use an app to transfer photos between my Samsung phone and my iPad. Then I use iCloud to access these photos on my Mac Book Pro and desktop PC. If others in the group have other work flows, those can be shared.

4. There are numerous apps available for editing photos on the mobile device. I like to do most of my editing on my iPad Pro, so will probably spend a fair amount of time sharing that knowledge. I would probably start with the app Snapseed (free) and then go from there depending on people's interests.

5. Video: There is an iMovie app available for the iPad that I have used some, so we could explore that if there is interest.

6. We can also explore Lightroom Mobile for those that have a Creative Cloud Adobe plan such as the Photography Plan that includes Lightroom and Photoshop. The new Lightroom CC (not Lightroom Classic) could be included in this topic.

7. I have access to tutorials, so may use some of those related to mobile photography with the group.


1. Participants would need a cell phone, preferably Samsung or iPhone, and an iPad, newer model preferable.

2. Participants would need to be able and willing to get and download apps for these devices. Many apps are free, some cost a few dollars which can add up but most would be optional.

Disclaimer: I am learning this stuff as well, so won't necessarily have all the answers. It would be helpful to have others in the group who would be willing to share their knowledge as well.

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