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Our club is about 85 strong with most of them very active members. The club is very social and we all enjoy each other’s company. The core of the club is made up of numerous special interest groups including Architecture, Wildlife, Landscape, Macro, Events, and Portrait groups. So you can join one or all of the SIGs depending upon your photographic interests. The club has a good mix of newbies to advanced photographers with good technical understanding of all of the new photo technologies. So you will fit in regardless of skill or interests. In the event that you are interested in some aspect of photography not covered by the SIGs, we have enough members that you would be welcome to start a new SIG covering your interest. We also have an active outings schedule at the club and SIG level that will get you out taking pictures. We have once a month coffee meetings that usually is the focus of more technical discussions, you can bring up any issue you desire, and which usually end with a local photo shoot outing. Our dues are $25 a year but you are welcome to come to a few meetings free to see if we meet your expectations. Please review our web site for meeting location and date/time. Generally the meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 in the Community Room of the Coloradoan Newspaper. (1300 Riverside Ave., Fort Collins, CO)

How do I join the club?

Contact the treasurer at your first or second meeting, pay him your dues for the year, give him your name and email address, and email your profile information to Mike Barry. Your profile information should include a headshot, email address(req), phone number(opt), address(opt), interests(opt), and a short bio(opt). Mike will add you to the website. Your email address is required because we exchange most of our information by email.

How do I access information on the website?

The "Member Info" and "Send Email to Members" pages require a website password. Email Mike Barry and request this password if you don't already have it.

The "Photo Gallery" page requires a gallery password for full access, it will allow you to upload images. Email Rich Ernst and request a photo gallery account and password if you don't already have it.

How do I find out about club activities?

We try to keep the club website updated with the upcoming events and activities in the lower portion of the left column.

Club Meetings?

The FCDCC has a general meeting once a month. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:15pm in the Community Room of the Coloradoan Newspaper. These meetings usually include status of recent events, upcoming events, member slideshow, and a presentation on some photographic topic of interest. The meetings conclude at or before 9:00pm.

Club Outings?

The FCDCC has a club outing once a month, usually the Saturday after the general club meeting, but sometimes it varies. Most of the outings are a full day, we might carpool to a destination like RMNP take pictures, eat lunch, take more pictures and then return to Fort Collins. Sometimes the outings are just a half day long, for a local outing. Once or twice a year we will organize a multi-day outing to some place like Yellowstone, the Black Hills of South Dakota, or Kierney Nebraska. Details for all the outings are discussed at the club meetings and should be posted on the website. You can just show up for most of these meetings, although the multi-day outings require more planning and may require reservations.

What is a SIG?

Some members of our club can't get enough photography so they have formed Special Interest Groups (SIGs) around their interests. All members are welcome to join any of the SIGs, and they are a great way to learn more about a photographic topic. The SIG members elect a leader who coordinates the activities and they decide when, where, and how often they would like to meet, and what they want to do. The SIG leaders send information about their upcoming events to Mike and he will put them on the club website in the left column. You are invited to check out and join any SIG if you see something that interests you.

Who are the club officers and SIG leaders?

The club officers are listed in the left column of every page on our website, and the Special Interest Group (SIG) Leaders and their contact information is on the page dedicated to their SIG.

How do I submit images for the club meetings?

We have a slideshow of images from the last month at every FCDCC monthly meeting. You can submit images from club outings, SIG outings, Fix-It-Photos, monthly topic, or a special image that you really like. You may submit 1-3 images per month. If you post-process your images you can include the processed and unprocessed versions of your images so others can learn what post processing can do for their images. Email your images for the FCDCC monthly meeting slideshow to the FCDCC photo editor.

What is a Fix-It-Photo?

Every month one of our club members submits a picture for other club members to modify in an attempt to fix a problem with the picture or just apply their creative vision. You will find the Fix-It-Photo on the club website, just download it, improve it and send your final version to the FCDCC photo editor. He will include it in the slideshow for the next meeting. If you have any pictures you would like to submit for a Fix-It-Photo, email them as an attachment in JPG format to Mike Barry.

How much are club annual dues?

FCDCC annual dues are prorated based on the date you join, or $25 for renewing members.

Month Joined Dues
January $25.00
February $23.00
March $21.00
April $19.00
May $17.00
June $15.00
July $13.00
August $11.00
September $9.00
October $7.00
November $5.00
December $3.00