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Commercial Printers
How to send images to a commercial printer
CG Pro Prints in Longmont
White House Custom Prints
Dura Plaq in Longmont
Fine Print
Club Meeting Presentations
Lens Facts and Opinions (updated) -Ken Eis 2010-04-13
Computers for Photography -Tony Schountz 2010-09-14
Picture Books -Tony Schountz 2010-12-14
Beginning Digital Photography
Beginning Digital Photography -Bob Babbs 2011-02-19
Basic Printing -Ken Eis 2011-02-19
Composition -Ted Sandilands 2011-02-19
Image Management -Rich Ernst 2011-02-19
Time & Exposure - Tony Schountz 2011-12-13
Composition -Dawn Wilson 2012-01-26
Memory Cards -
Photograph Tips -
Photography on a budget -
The Basics of Photography -
Advanced Digital Photography
Focus Offset Adjustment - Andy Goris 2014-09-08
Travel Photography
2011-07-20 FCDCC Travel Photography Presentation at Council Tree Library
Waterfalls of the West
Waterfalls of Oregon
Bird Photography
An Introduction to Bird Photography - Digital Photography School
How to Photograph Birds - Digital Photography School
Michael Forseberg Photography
Joel Sartore Photography
Flower Photography
CSU Annual Flower Trial Garden
Macro Photography
Create your own Macro Flash Bracket - Tony
Depth of Field in Macro Photography -
Wedding Photography
7 Tips for Great Wedding Photographers -
Night Photography
Night Photography Workshops
The World at Night - examples and tutorials
How to shoot the night sky
Food Photography
Food Ad Tricks - Posing a Hamburger
Frozen Soap Bubbles
Jeanie's Blog Post
Photographic Art
Beyond Filters - Rich Ernst
Post Production
Lightroom Tutorial
Color Correction
Marketing your Photography
Photography Business
Do It Yourself Equipment
Ring Flash for cheapscates like us - kit for $24.95
Other Sources
Understanding and Using Depth of Field -Bill Popejoy 2011-01
Ways to Sharpen Images Using Adobe Products -Bill Popejoy
10 Stunning Photos of a Piece of Black Paper -Gizmodo
Experiment with ISO, Aperture, Speed, Focal Length - CamerSim
Using the Copyright Symbol Tutorial (advanced topic)- Jack Hicks
SD Memory Card Recovery - Hillary Grigonis
BH Photo Optic 2016 Seminars
BH Photo Optic 2017 Seminars
Local Classes
Portrait Photography
Posing People for HPI by Monique Rodriquez (ppt) - pdf
Portrait Skin Retouching
Sample Model Releases
Dog portraits for inspiration
5 Classic lighting setups
Studio Lighting video from B&H
Lighting multiple people with glasses - Strobist
Posing people video
Photoshop Information
Photoshop CS5 shortcuts
Photography for Kids
Photography Pointers and Resources for Kids
13 Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography
(Thanks to our friends at Craft Central Schools)
Legal Issues concerning Photography
Your Rights to Take a Picture
Photos of Trademarked and Copyrighted Works
Please send us links to any photographic resources (tips, tutorials, information...) that you find helpful. If you have created a photographic resource and it isn't on the web we can add the document here too.