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Video SIG

The goal of the FCDCC Video SIG is to learn and practice using our digital SLR's and digital cameras (e.g. point and shoot, cell phone, tablets, etc. - but not video cameras) to shoot videos. We will also learn about how to improve the audio portion of the video and process images in software, most likely Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

SIG members

Judy Cannon- Video SIG leader Judy Cannon (contact me if you would like to join us)

Mike Barry Mike Barry
  Stephanie Cox
Ken Eis Ken Eis
Steve Finnestead Steve Finnestead
Bob Gobeille Bob Gobeille
  Betsy Katz
Lynne Lewis Lynne Lewis
  Walter Lyons
  Sue Miller
Kristi Norman Kristi Norman
  Dawn Wilson

SIG meetings/outings/events
Meetings are the 3rd Saturday of each month from 1pm to 5pm

meeting notes

SIG information files

2014-12-25 Microphone comparison video - Videomaker
2014-09-02 Video SIG Meeting Notes
2014-07-01 Video SIG Meeting Notes
2014-04-05 Video SIG Meeting Notes
2014-03-15 Video SIG Meeting Notes
Field Guide to Audio Production - Bob Gobeille