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FCDCC Video SIG Meeting Notes 2014-03-15

For our March Video SIG session we met at Stephanie Cox's house, chatted and shot some video.

Judy Cannon, Stephanie Cox, Bob Gobeillle, Mike Barry, and Steve Finnestead attended the meeting which was from 1-5pm that Saturday afternoon.

We discussed making 2-3 minute tutorials on various photography topics that the club could use. Initially we thought about doing one on using on-camera versus bounce and off-camera flash. Stephanie also suggested doing one on how to use Lightroom to correct for chromatic aberration and showed us some Ben Long videos from as examples. We finally decided to shoot some video of Mike Barry promoting the Portrait SIG.

Bob Gobeillle shared some information on polar patterns of various types of mics. He also shared printed information on the topic and then after the meeting gave us the link to find the "Field Guide to Audio Production" paper:

We talked about camera setting to use during our shoot and that everything including focus should be on manual. We reviewed how to use Live View to set focus manually. We agreed on Frame Rate of 30, Frame Size 1920 X 1080, Shutter Speed 60, White Balance of Daylight and ISO/aperture to get equivalent exposure. Don't think we all follow through on using these settings, so it will be interesting to see what the differences mean in post processing. So Mike Barry was our model and the rest of us shot video from various angels of him. We also use a Zoom H4n digital recorder (Judy's) and wireless lapel mic (Mike's) to record audio in addition to the audio recorded with our cameras. We did three movies of Mike. Then we downloaded them on Stephanie's computer and watched a few segments. She made one CD that Mike took with him so he could send files to the rest of us.

Note: After the meeting, we discovered sending large video files is not easy, so decided at future meetings we should all bring thumb drives large enough ( 4 or 8 GB) to record files at the end of the meeting. Stephanie now has a multiport 3.0 USB hub that should work just fine.

We agreed to do some editing of the files and post on U-tube to share with each other before the next meeting (no commitments here just would be nice to do.)

Next meeting:
When: Saturday, April 5, 2014; 1pm-5pm
Where: Stephanie Cox's house, 362 Turman Drvie, Ft. Collins
What: Do a video tutorial on macro photography of a flower. We will probably photograph a silk flower on a stick unless someone brings something else. Hopefully we will be outside, if the weather cooperates.

Hope you can join us at the next meeting. We had fun and learned a lot at the March meeting.