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FCDCC Video SIG Meeting Notes 2014-04-05

The FCDCC Video SIG met a Judy's house on Saturday, April 5, from 1-4:30pm. Only two members were present - Judy Cannon and Bob Gobeille - but we had a good time and made some important decisions for the SIG.

1. Video Topic for fall Club Meeting - We discussed ideas for the FCDCC meeting we are responsible to host in the fall. I had said it was the November meeting but in checking my calendar think it may be the October meeting. I will confirm with Ken Eis the date. We agreed to pursue the idea to have Vic Schendel present his 2 minute promo video and talk about how he made it, the transition from still wildlife photography to video and what some of his key learning were. I will be out of town for a couple of weeks, so will not be able to contact him to discuss until I return. So if anyone else has a great idea they would prefer to pursue please speak up within the next two weeks. So far I have not heard any feedback one way or the other.

2. FCDCC Video SIG May meeting (next one): The club is planning to do an outing to Veda Vu the weekend of May 17. I plan to attend and thought it might be nice for our SIG join that event. I talked with Dawn Wilson and she agreed. So that is the current plan. If anyone else wants to host another Video SIG meeting during the month of May, feel free to do so but I will be out of town all the other weekends in May.

3. Today's meeting: Bob shared some of the effects he used in putting together his very creative version of the Mike Barry interview from last months meeting. He used sound effects he had purchased from In the green/white screen clip he used a sequence call grid science that he had also purchased from It was very educational for me to have Bob explain some of what he did in his video. If you have not already viewed his video here is the link

4. We also shot some macro and video outside. I was working on using the stacking feature in CamRanger. Bob was explaining how to do rack focusing and why he needs a new gadget so he can zoom in to focus while recording video. In DSLR's you can zoom in to fine focus before starting the recording but not during it. After trying the rack focusing myself, I decided I probably needed another gadget as well. Here are some links to more information about the Zacuto's Z-Finder if you're interested:

We decided neither of us had time to do much with the video we shot this time so don't plan to.

Hope to see you all at a future meeting where we can continue to shoot more video and learn more editing skills.