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We met Tuesday evening at Mike Barry’s house and shot some video for the movie we are preparing for the FCDCC meeting on November 11. Bob Gobeille directed us while Steve Finnestead, Ken Eis and Judy Cannon shot video with DSLR cameras. Bob Barley shot some footage with his cell phone. Mike Barry was our star performer as the interviewee. The purpose of the movie is to demonstrate various methods of recording audio and the importance that audio plays in making a good movie. We used the script prepared by Lynn Lewis and Steve Finnestead (thanks, Lynn and Steve!) Bob will do the editing (thanks Bob!). We had lots of fun and learned some things about audio recording for video as well.

We do not plan to have an October meeting. Judy will be out of town (again) and no one else was interested in getting together.

So our next meeting will be November 4th at Judy’s house from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. We will prepare and practice our presentations for the FCDCC meeting on November 11. I expect that will also generate some more interesting discussion so please mark your calendars and plan to come.

So far for the November 11th meeting I have the following presenters:
Judy Cannon – Newfoundland Bird Photography video
Stephanie Cox – Up with People reunion promo video
Bob Gobeille or Steve Finnestead (?) – Video SIG Movies on proper audio recording
Bob Gobeille (?) – one of his videos he does for non-profits
Mike Barry (?) – something on use of video for portrait photography
Walt Lyons (?) – 2K and 4K Video

Each presenter should plan to show a video – recommend 3 – 4 minutes in length, with 2-3 minutes of explanation or commentary. We will save Q&A for the end after everyone has shown their video.

I noted “?” by some of the presenters above. Please let me know if you still plan to be a presenter. If anyone else has something they would like to include, please let me know. I think we can include about six presenters. I would like to finalize the agenda before our Video SIG meeting on November 4th.

In the meantime, shoot some video!