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Wildlife Photography SIG

Bald Eagle Family by Dawn Wilson

FCDCC Wildlife SIG Flickr Group

SIG members

Guy Turenne Guy Turenne (contact me if you want to join us)
Roger Anderson Roger Anderson
Bob Babbs Bob Babbs
Mike Barry Mike Barry
Stephanie Buchholtz Stephanie Buchholtz
Chuck Carpenter Chuck Carpenter
Gerry Cashman Gerry Cashman
Ken Eis Ken Eis
Steve Erickson Steve Erickson
Rich Ernst Rich Ernst
David Fahrney David Fahrney
Jim Futterer Jim Futterer
Bob Gobeille Bob Gobeille
Andy Goris Andy Goris
Laurie Griesman Laurie Griesman
Cecil Hellyer Cecil Hellyer
not a member Shelley Holland
Russ Lawry Russ Lawry
Lynne Lewis Lynne Lewis
Paul Marcoux Paul Marcoux
Ray Moe Ray Moe
Judy Myers Judy Myers
Kristi Norman Kristi Norman
Diana Royce Diana Royce
JR Schnelzer JR Schnelzer
Harry Strharsky Harry Strharsky
Ann Yang Ann Yang


  2016 Wildlife Outings  
Jan DIA Loop/Rocky Mtn. Arsenal Raptors and Bison
Feb Butterfly Pavillion in Broomfield Indoor Butterflies
Mar Waterton Canyon Bighorn Sheep
Apr Lathom Reservoir in Greeley Migrating Wading Birds
May Crow Valley Pawnee Grasslands Migrating Birds, Pronghorns
Jun City Park, Denver Heron, Egret, Cormorant Rookery
Jul Mt. Evans Mountain Goats, Bighorns
Aug Riverbend Open Space Butterflies & Dragonflies
Sep RMNP Elk Rut
Oct TBD Raptor Shoot
Nov Rocky Mtn Aarsenal NWR Mule and Whitetail Deer Rut
Dec DIA Loop Raptors