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Portrait Photography SIG

Happy couple enjoying Old Town Fort Collins night life
Proper lighting is the key to a good portrait.

Join the Portrait Photography Special Interest Group if you want to improve your portrait photography skills, and enjoy learning portrait photography, teaching portrait photography, and practicing portrait photography. Portrait photography includes set design, posing, makeup, models, lighting, operating your camera, and processing images.

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SIG members

Mike Barry Mike Barry (contact me if you want to join us as a photographer or model)
my gallery
I love making images of interesting people. I use my camera to sample the world and Photoshop to create the final images. I tend to shoot women in a more glamorous style and men in a more gritty style, but I mostly try to make images that make my models happy.

  Mulyani Agustin
  Barb Angen
Bob Babbs Bob Babbs
Bob Barley Bob Barley
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I have discovered that photographing people can be an extraordinary experience for both the photographer and the subject. Each subject has a unique personality and unique facial features that are worthy of exploration. To do that exploration, I enjoy shooting headshots and portraits in a studio or natural light setting. I also have an interest in exploring tableau vivant or scenes from life.
Stephanie Buchholtz Stephanie Buchholtz
  Jason Buck
Dennis Burchett Dennis Burchett
my gallery
Portrait photography—always fun. There are interesting people, beautiful people, gorgeous people, wow people, OMG people and then just plain people and all are fun to photograph. Fun is to try and capture the person and some personality along the way. Doing justice to an individual is more of a challenge than some think, but that is part of the enjoyment of this type of photography.
Judy Cannon Judy Cannon
Caroline Chandler Caroline Chandler
Chuck Carpenter Chuck Carpenter
  Donelda "Didi" Cox
Ken Eis Ken Eis
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  Dave Fahrney
  Michael Feinberg
Steve Finnestead Steve Finnestead
Pat Gaines Pat Gaines
Robert Gobeille Bob Gobeille
my gallery
Frank Goss Frank Goss
Jack Hicks Jack Hicks
my gallery
I'm simply trying to grow as a photographer. I strive to make each new photo-shoot a little better than the last and to learn new areas of photography. Right now I'm working on portrait and a sort of "limited" landscape photography with mentors.
  Gary Jens
  Betsy Katz
Vipasinee Khowattana Vipasinee Khowattana
Lynne Lewis Lynne Lewis
Shelley McCarron Shelley McCarron
Cyndee Meese Cyndee Meese
my gallery
Ray Moe Ray Moe
Kristi Norman Kristi Norman
Steve Nunn Steve Nunn
Jim Piraino
Stephanie Rein
Lisa Reynoldson
Kathryn Rickard
Tamara Rodgers Tamara Rodgers
Monique Renee Monique Renee
my gallery
I am a portrait photographer in Fort Collins, Colorado. Families, children, seniors, business, and pets are what I photograph professionally. Camera club gives me the opportunity to try new techniques, work with new models, and have fun with new concepts. Beyond the photography is a great group of people! Everyone is super helpful and generous in their knowledge.
  JR Schnelzer
  Lisa Schnelzer
  Tony Schountz
Mike Stauder Mike Stauder
  Roxanne Storlie
Dawn Wilson
Jim Wojciechowski
Ann Yang Ann Yang

SIG meetings/outings/events
Meetings are the 1st Sunday of each month from 1pm to 5pm