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November 2017

Please see the Club Information page for general information
regarding meetings, outings, and slideshows.

Club Meeting

When: November 14, 2017 @6:30pm
Topic: "Shoot for the sky - tips and tricks for photographing severe and fair weather"
by David Mayhew
Meeting Notes - Slides from the Meeting
Where: Coloradoan Newspaper Offices, Community Room 1300 Riverside Ave., Fort Collins

Club Outing

Sat 11/4 Shoot Neighbor 2 Neighbor Christmas portraits at the Murphy Center

Coffee Meeting

Tue 11/21 @9am - Fort Collins Coffee House

SIG Meetings/Outings

Experimental SIG Meeting - 11/18 @9am-12pm - The next eSIG is on the Pixelstick ( I was going to do more general light painting special effects but I think the Pixelstick is going to be fun enough to dedicate the whole meeting to it. Check out for more info. You really want to think about some images to bring for this one. Many thanks to Andy Goris for letting me borrow his Pixelstick. Happy shooting, Bob Gobeille

Drone SIG meeting - 11/1 @6:30pm at Steve Eis' house

Photography 101 SIG Meeting - 11/18 @9am to 11am, Mount Dunraven conference room at the Loveland Public Library, 300 Adams Ave. in Loveland

Portrait SIG Meeting - Sun 11/5 @1pm-5pm - "Lighting like the old masters"


Default fix-it-photo
Fern Lake Trail by Noah Saxton

Fix this picture and email it to Walt Lyons who will include it in the November meeting slideshow.

Challenge Topic


Photographic events

First Friday Gallery Walk in Old Town Fort Collins