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The FCDCC Video SIG met at Judy's house on July 1, 2014. We started around 6:30pm and ended around 9pm. Persons present included: Judy Cannon, Bob Gobeille, Steve Finnestead, Lynne Lewis, Mike Barry.

Topics discussed:

1. Viewed video on YouTube that Bob made from our meeting way back in March then had some discussion on it.

2. Judy showed the video she made from Circus Night at Cynthia Meese's house on May 30th. Noted that talking audio portion could have been better if had used a mic other that on camera. Did make some improvements using Adobe Audition to remove background noise, but using an off camera mic would have been better. Question/Answer: Someone asked Judy where she got the music for her video. She got it from the website is which has royalty free music. Steve also mentioned a website but has a cost, e.g. $60 per song for professional photographers.

3. Viewed segment on audio from recent tutorial video from KelbyOne, DSLR Filmmaking: Video Basics by Mia McCormick. We paused video a few times to discuss some key points about audio. Had some discussion on various types of mics available and looked at a few we had on hand at the meeting. For those of you subscribing to KelbyOne, this entire tutorial is about 25 minutes long and worth viewing, especially if you are very new to DSLR Video.

4. Discussed how best to share videos and did a quick on-line demo on how to do it using YouTube for the Circus Night video. Judy will send link to group after the meeting.

5. Had lots more discussion on random topics including some useful iPad apps. Someone mentioned a teleprompter, but when I researched after the meeting found several costing from nothing to $25, with reviewed varying greatly. So not sure if anyone has actually used one of these. Also, talked about use of clapboards and that apps for that are also available. I found a free one called NoBudgetSlate so download it to try.

6. Discussed ideas for FCDCC General Meeting on November 11th for our panel discussion. Lots of ideas were discussed. Thought it would be fun to do a video on video making mistakes. I think Lynn and Steve were going to work on a script. Mike might be able to do something on portrait video photography. Some of us (Bob?) may go to his portrait SIG on Sunday, July 6, to shoot some video. Judy wants to do a video on Newfoundland Birds (going there in July). Walt (not present but offered via emails) to do a segment on 2K and 4K video. We agree to have scripts ready for review at our next meeting.

Next meeting: Judy's house, August 5. 6:30 - 8pm (or no later than 9pm)